October Update


The Luv2Travel office has been in a busy season these past few months. With the weather getting cooler and less than 30 days until Thanksgiving weekend, travel doesn't stop and we're okay with that. Exploring all that Germany has to offer, our clients have experienced Berlin and Munich. Others chose to sail on the Regent Cruise Ship to Alaska while a few cruised to French Polynesia aboard the Windstar. Some travelers ventured to the Northwest, participating in the Rocky Mountaineer gold service to Canada with add ons in Seattle and Vancouver that included private, breathtaking plane tours. We had groups who traveled to Italy and the Caribbean. They participated in some incredible excursions!

For some families, it was vacationing on a silky white sand beach in Punta Cana, watching the sunset cascade over the crystal waters. A vibrant group of girlfriends zipped through the Amalfi Coast on curvy roads and took in all the rich history and savory food Italy has to offer.

Regardless of the location, we hope to make your experiences unforgettable, so when you're on your way back home, you're already dreaming of your next destination. In early October, I led a women's trip to the Amalfi Coast and then continued on to Florence. It was a beautiful trip - from the elegant hotels to the exquisite fare to the fascinating site-seeing tours. We'll take you on a sneak peak of my Italian adventure. You also don't want to miss out on Luv2Travel's upcoming specials.

Make sure you plan for Spring Break and summer. It's never too early to book a trip. If you want to go somewhere last minute for Christmas, we have some availability for a few beautiful, tropical regions. We have a list of helpful travel tips to share with you. And finally, we'll let you in on some exciting news about our new website! Thank you for trusting Luv2Travel with your vacation plans. We're honored to help make your trip extraordinary.

Rachell de Luna