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Whether you’re attending a wedding shower or you’re the one ready to go down the aisle, we all know about those intimidating registries and endless amount of gift ideas. Who doesn’t want that shiny and sparkling electric mixer along with those colorful dishes? But have you ever thought about helping that special couple experience a lovely honeymoon?

For the future bride and groom...What if your house is already set up? What if you don’t have room for one more mixing bowl and cutting board? Maybe you’re simplifying your home and desire to have less stuff and more adventure?

Let’s talk about another way to show generosity and kindness to that person who’s about to get hitched and has been saving money for their honeymoon. What if you helped them experience the honeymoon of their dreams by donating funds to their account?

If you’re the one getting married, wouldn’t it be great to actually go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about for forever? With Honeyfund, your dreams can become a reality. And for the giver, that’s one less trip to your local store.



Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash


  • Type your name & your future spouse’s name
  • Type your location & wedding date
  • Find a photo for your page
  • Choose your currency
  • Choose a specific kind of registry
  • Type your wedding hashtag (especially if you are on social media)
  • Type your honeymoon location
  • Choose type of honeymoon
  • Pick a date and destination
  • Share information about the area
  • Set up payment info



Search for the special couple on the Honeyfund registry and donate.

For more information on this company, here are some FAQs from their site.

Use our travel agent link to set up an account with Honeyfund, and we’ll start planning a dream honeymoon for that special couple!



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