My River Cruise Along the Rhine

Written by Leslie Horn, Anne Holman


In October, I took a trip with my husband to Europe to sail on a river cruise alongside Switzerland and Germany. I chose Uniworld, a boutique river cruise collection. My cruise, Castles along the Rhine, did not disappoint!

It's always been my goal to make sure my clients experience the best. So I am purposeful about my scouting trips, and I'm dedicated to finding beautiful and unforgettable locations around the world.

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland. Then, we caught the train in Germany. Finally, we sailed from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

While we were in Zurich, we booked a room at the Park Hyatt. The rooms showcased comfortable and cozy seating areas with warm lighting from lamps and modern carpet. The bed and shower area made you feel like you weren't miles away from the comfort of home. The lounge had plenty of low lighting. It was an inviting and relaxing place filled with colorful art.





During our journey, we explored the Black Forrest. We saw the countryside, the farmhouses, the rolling hills and trees for miles. It's experiences like these that make you think of the oh-so-familiar movie, "The Sound of Music" and watch it come to life right in front of you.



The city was full of little hotels, shops and cute little cafes. Ivy and foliage grew on the city buildings. Everything was picture perfect.

While we sailed on the River Rhine, I experienced magnificent views of grand and regal castles on the mountainside. I also saw colorful homes along the riverfront and observed the trees that were changing colors.


You must experience sailing at least once in your life! The boat was incredible…from the blue carpets covering the hallways, to the golden decor lighting the walls. The blue and white chandeliers and the sleek flooring made the boat sparkle.



 The chefs were personable and accommodating. Nothing is better than incredible food complete with a friendly smile. We were stuffed every night after an assortment of yummy cuisine.





There were also many seating options to choose from as well as areas to rest. In between meals, we had our choice of flavored waters and yummy snacks. The bar, with glassware hanging from the ceiling, had an endless array of great wines and other bubbly beverages.

My husband and I stayed 3 nights at the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. It was perfect for our vacation. Although it was not in the center of the city in the hustle and bustle of everything, it was still within walking distance to everything.





We loved our Canal view and highly recommend this for anyone’s stay. The service at the hotel was perfect and the Concierge was amazing. All we had to do was ask, and it was taken care of for us. In my opinion, this is a perfect Virtuoso 5* hotel in a quiet neighborhood with beautiful views of the canal.

I only got to see outside of the Anne Frank house. If you want to see the inside of this historic building, never book your trip two weeks before you travel. I was able to see the famous van Gogh portrait and explore the city. I also thoroughly enjoyed my meal at the Blue Pepper in the city of Amsterdam.



I'm always ready for the next adventure, and can't wait to scout out a new city for you! Where do you want to go next? I've got a few ideas...