Nashville Luxury Travel's Story

Nashville Luxury Travel's Story

Although Nashville Luxury Travel is only a couple of weeks old, our story began long before. Our two owners, Leslie Horn and Jennifer Martin, have known each other for years and have been in the travel industry for even longer! So how did we become a business? Well, we thought you’d never ask…


“Believe it or not, it all started with our hairdresser! Johnna, from Juel Salon, basically set us up on a ‘blind date’ after she overheard Jen talking about wanting a partner in crime,” tells Leslie. “We instantly began working together; traveling as much as possible to educate ourselves on destinations for our clients.”

For years, these travel-enthusiasts tried to figure out how to begin a partnership, and about six months ago, they finally decided to make it happen. We’re hoping that all adventurers, travelers, tourists, sightseers, and thrill-seekers in the Greater Nashville Area (and beyond) will benefit from our new cooperation.

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“We’re looking forward to providing our clients a personalized, small boutique agency -- one that feels like family,” says Jen. “We both have different niches we can bring together; more ideas, more insight, more experience, more passion. Simply, together we will just have more. Our clients deserve that!”


Prior to NLT, both of our owners owned their own, separate travel companies. Leslie owned Luv2Travel in Franklin, Tennessee, while Jen owned Jen Martin Travel in Brentwood. The merging of the two businesses created the team we now have here at Nashville Luxury Travel, including Emily Webber, Anne Holman, and Bailie White. For more on who our team is, head on over to our about page! #WeAreNLT, and we’ve got a fantastic group of women here in the office, if we do say so ourselves!

“At the end of the day, Leslie and I both are just two people who have this burning passion for travel and the experience that comes with it,” Jen confesses. “And our hope is that joining together will lead to the opportunity of helping more people cultivate those irreplaceable moments across the globe, because they really do last a lifetime.”

“That’s it exactly,” agrees Leslie. “That’s what Nashville Luxury Travel is all about, and we cannot wait to share our dedication with everyone!”

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