Backroads: The Road Less Traveled

Backroads: The Road Less Traveled

A Travel Feature by Nashville Luxury Travel


Have you ever considered the road less traveled? Emily Webber, travel agent at Nashville Luxury Travel, says her trip with Backroads Travel to Croatia and Slovenia was an adventure that can only be described this way.

Backroads Travel is a tour operator designed for unique experiences. Backroads is known to have mastered the art of immersing travelers in the life of a region with freedom, discovery, energy, inspiration, engagement and serendipity in mind.

Active travel is about journeying through a fascinating region under your own power: on foot, on a bike, and in ways that you can really get a visceral sense of place. There are no filters with Backroads Travel, and with them you’re free to truly be where you are.

“I’ve been to Europe several times but have never seen it through the lens of exploring the countryside by hiking,” says Emily. “Backroads is one of our travel partners that specializes in deluxe biking, hiking, multi-adventure and family vacations around the globe. If there is an adventure to go on,Backroads will take you there.”

What did a day in Croatia and Slovenia look like with Backroads? Emily describes it perfectly: Wake up and eat the largest European breakfast you can imagine at your authentic European Inn. Gather your backpack, water and snacks and head to the Alps. Your leader will talk about the region and take you to the unspoiled areas that other tourists don’t know about.

Emily’s favorite day was climbing a mountain in Slovenia. 

“This day was challenging,” she says. “However, with encouragement from others in our group, we got to the top perfectly intact. When we ascended to the top of this amazing mountain, there just so happened to be a small, quaint Slovenian restaurant. We had a delightful lunch, accompanied with grappa, of course, before descending back down. At the end of our day, we were able to explore beautiful villages before our 3 course dinner with wine that night.”

Backroads is able to offer unique, authentic experiences within a region. Croatia and Slovenia are not as traveled as some European destinations. However, they are unspoiled, full of nature, precious people along the way, and treasures around every corner.

For nearly 40 years, Backroads has been setting the stage for moments like Emily’s in every corner of the globe – raising the bar that all such travel should aspire to.

Jen Martin