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Why Travel Insurance?

We hate to be the grim reapers of travel, but we do have horror stories about our clients’ vacations. And of each of these horror stories, they all have one single thing in common: travel insurance. The scariest of stories actually involve the lack of travel insurance, to be exact.

“I can’t tell you how many times people call me two weeks before vacation saying someone in the family has the flu,” tells NLT owner, Jennifer Martin.

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Grand Isle Resort and Spa

Nashville Luxury Travel owner, Jennifer Martin, spent last week exploring Great Exuma and scouting out some great locations for NLT clients. One of them in particular, we just have to share about. Grand Isle in the Bahamas is absolutely breathtaking! Plus, paying Exuma a visit is flat out an adventure in itself.

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Flemings Mayfair

What puts you most at ease while traveling abroad? What gives you that peaceful feeling of contentment when vacationing far, far away? For most travelers, the notion of “home away from home” at their hotel or resort will make any vacation go from good, to absolutely great. This idea is what led us  straight to Flemings, located in the Mayfair section of London, for our next Nashville Luxury Travel Hotel of the Week Feature.

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One&Only Palmilla

Situated at the edge of the Baja Peninsula is Cabo’s One&Only Palmilla. One&Only Palmilla presides over one of the region's only swimmable beaches, and is said to be a sublime place to rekindle romance or simply reconnect with yourself. One thing we know for certain at Nashville Luxury Travel, is that One&Only Palmilla is an easy hotel to recommend!

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The Chilko Experience

Nestled in British Columbia’s Chilko Valley, The Chilko Experience is the nicest wilderness recreational facility for all-inclusive luxury adventure travel. The Chilko Experience is not just another lodge, but rather, the resort thinks and operates like an estate. Nashville Luxury Travel recommends The Chilko Experience for a multitude of reasons; ultimate adventure (including potential bear sightings), a family oriented atmosphere, and world class architecture, just to name a few.

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